Courses Offered

Practical on the job experience is a key ingredient within the skills development environment and the Plumbing Academy not only offers this as part of their training but also places students within a company depending on the course one has decided to study.

Basic Plumbing Skills (NQF level two)

Basic plumbing skills course is an introduction into the plumbing field whereby the learner will be taught the basic plumbing principals and installation of components for the maintenance of items such as geysers, showers, toilets and drainage systems. The learner will be qualified as a level 2 plumber after they have enough practical experience.

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Advanced Plumbing Skills (NQF level four)

Advanced plumbing course is a collection of the basic skills course as well as NQF level 3 and 4 components which is the highest qualification offered by the academy. Once the student has completed this course they are qualified to be a site foreman or start their own company depending on the practical experience gained.

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Recognition of Prior Learning

RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) is an assessment which takes into consideration a plumbers practical knowledge gained over the years as a tradesperson, credits the plumber via CETA and aims to fill any theoretical or practical knowledge that is lacking in order to further credit the individual.

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Solar Installation

Solar Installation training is a course in demand post the energy crisis across the world. The academy has aligned itself with all the major solar manufactures to ensure that learners leave with the know-how of working with any solar geyser.

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Contractor Development

Contractor development is geared at brushing up plumbers or contractors business skills from quoting jobs to daily office administrative duties in order to run a profitable business.

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Part-Time Courses

Part time courses are offered by the Academy for those who are currently working full time or looking to do some DIY jobs. These courses are broken down by various unit standards and learners are credited post successful completion of each unit standard. The courses below are offered on weekday evenings and Saturdays.

  • >    Apply Health and Safety in the work area
  • >    Understand and Describe Basic Plumbing Principles
  • >    Install and Maintain Basic Plumbing Components
  • >    Install Water Mains Pipe Systems
  • >    Install a Solar Water Heating Systems and Heat Pumps
  • >    Install a L P Gas Pipe Systems
  • >    Install a Geyser according to SABS regulations
  • >    Air Conditioning course
  • >    Welding and Soldering
  • >    Contractor Development Program

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